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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome players of RO private server  ^_^
Now u may able to hack the Donation Item in your played server.
This Hack will be use only in RO private server w/ NPC donation or NPC custom item
and w/out RO gameguard.

My friends and i, we had learned how to use the RPE.exe to hack the donation item. ^_^

Enjoy using Some donation item ^_^

The requirements to used successfully the RPE you should use only the RO Private server w/ donation NPC, Custom NPC, and w/out Gameguard user server.

We successfully used this hack on PerseusRO private server... ^_^

Plss follow the steps:
First download the Rpe link>>>>  http://www.mediafire.com/?tiinj0tkz0t
after the you downloaded it, extract the RPE.rar to your selected folder


Second: Run your Client server and also the RPE.exe(the skull icon)
after u run the RPE select the Open Process the inject your private server client.

Third: now after you inject your client go to ur client server the go to the Donation NPC or Custom NPC of you server. then click the START process of RPE. now Buy some donate item if you already bought the selected donation item u want, click the STOP process of RPE.